Routledge Companion

Companion coverThe Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities, an interdisciplinary volume of 45 essays edited by Ursula K. Heise, Jon Christensen, and Michelle Niemann, grew out of the Sawyer Seminar on the Environmental Humanities at UCLA, where drafts were discussed and workshopped. With important essays by historians such as Richard White, Linda Nash, and Libby Robin, geographers such as Susanna Hecht, anthropologists such as Kathleen Morrison and Akhil Gupta, philosophers such as Dale Jamieson, and ecocritics such as Stacy Alaimo, Stephanie LeMenager, and Greg Garrard, the volume makes indispensable contributions to this emerging interdisciplinary field. Here is a sneak peak of the Table of Contents.

The Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to the field, offering a broad overview of its founding principles while providing insight into exciting new directions for future scholarship. Articulating the significance of humanistic perspectives for our collective social engagement with ecological crises, the volume explores the potential of the environmental humanities for organizing humanistic research, opening up new forms of interdisciplinarity, and shaping public debate and policies on environmental issues. Sections cover:

  • The Anthropocene and the Domestication of Earth
  • Posthumanism and Multispecies Communities
  • Inequality and Environmental Justice
  • Decline and Resilience: Environmental Narratives, History, and Memory
  • Environmental Arts, Media, and Technologies
  • The State of the Environmental Humanities

The first of its kind, this Companion ranges across disciplines to cover essential issues and themes. Exploring how the environmental humanities contribute to policy and action concerning some of the key intellectual, social, and environmental challenges of our times, the essays offer an ideal guide to this rapidly developing field.

Due out in late 2016, the hardback version of the book is now available for preorder on Amazon.